Greek Eye Bracelet


  • Type:
  • Brand: Koonce & Co Jewelers
  • Tags: Lux Silver Collection


Given as a gift of protection. The bracelet fits all. The bead size is 8mm.

Eventhough this bracelet has spritual meaning, its the perfect fashion accessory.

White - Spirituality, purity, positive energy
Black - Converts all negative energy around you to positive, earth, stability
Pink - Romance, love, beauty
Yellow - Health, well-being, wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
Green - Luck in finance/business, positive new beginnings, life nature
Blue - Protection from bad karma, youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Red - Action , confidence, courage, vitality, strength
Orange - Endurance, power
Purple - Royalty, magic, mystery
Multicolor - Luck and protection in your everyday life